File Protection & Retention

with Insight into Your Data

Now available at no charge for up to 50 endpoints*
Ahora disponible sin cargo por hasta 50 puntos finales*

Converged Data Protection & Retention with Secure Open Access

  • Data intelligent: View, access, and perform full-content searches of your files regardless of their location

  • On-prem and multi-cloud: Connect with files on-premises and with public cloud services

  • Policy-driven copy management: Create one or more copies on-premises, in the cloud, or both, for policy-driven copy management

  • Maximum security: Data is always protected, both in-motion and at-rest with file encryption

  • Storage optimization: Optimize data storage with compression and de-duplication

La mejor protección de archivos disponible en el mercado

  • Soporte nativo de nube múltiple e híbrida

  • Implementación rápida y fácil

  • Vista única de todas las fuentes de datos y estado

  • Recuperación de datos casi instantánea

  • Alertas automatizadas de ransomware y defensa

With Aparavi Data Awareness for intelligence and insight

  • Easy file classification based on both file content and metadata

  • Fast full-content search for any data anywhere

  • Search results returned without cloud access to avoid egress fees

And the ultimate security for peace of mind

  • Files encrypted in-motion at at-rest

  • File access controlled with role-based permissions

  • File versioning for historical control

  • Published data format means no vendor lock in forever

  • Activity monitored and reported to stop ransomware attacks quickly

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