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Aparavi simplifies file backup and data protection while delivering intelligent data management across cloud(s). Files are seamlessly copied and can be classified, extracting rich metadata and even file content that can be globally searched.

Aparavi manages versioning, deduplication and file retention to maximize cost optimization. Files are always protected both in-motion and at-rest with encryption and with a secure permissions-based framework, Aparavi ensures that you can always access your data with no cloud or vendor lock-in.

Aparavi is perfect for compliance, audit, historical reference, fraud prevention, and data protection.



  • Choice: Connect to any one or more clouds of your choice

  • Insight: Know what youre moving to the cloud with Data Awareness

  • Access: Ensure you find it when you need it wherever it is

  • Security: Secure it both in motion and at rest

  • Agility: Move data anywhere as needed with no vendor lock-in