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Support, now simplified 




Conversations made easier

  • Unify support channels, Streamline your support channels – emails, phone, chat and more- so you can respond to all your customers from just one place.


Collaborations made stronger 

  • Conversations with context, invites anyone- agents, colleagues or external business partners – to discuss and solve tickets though freshconnect.

  • Share ticket ownership, work in parallel with other teams by sharing ticket ownership, and find answers without losing visibility at any point.


Support made more automatic 

  • Three different automations. These automations will help you eliminate repetitive tasks and keep an eye on critical events.

  • Manage automations easily. automatic rule summaries, audit logs and the flexibility in using logical operators makes managing automations simple


Answers made available faster 

  • Solutions up front and center, guide customers to get help faster, by showing solution articles on your website.

  • A simple contract form, when your customers have a question, you’ll be just a click away.


Insights made more accessible 

  • team dashboards. monitor your teams easily and take data driven decisions to hit your support targets with customizable team dashboards.

  • Seven widgets types, observe important metrics closely with seven widgets type. Notice trends and drill down into extensive reposts anytime with just one click.

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