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Using human intelligence results in much faster data extraction than typical dark web scanners, SpyCloud security researchers recover breach data within days of the breach occurring. We then quickly cleanse that data, add context, crack passwords so we can determine if our customers’ information was contained in the breach, and get the data into their hands so exposed passwords can be reset before they are exploited. 

Consumer ATO Prevention

Protect your users from account takeover fraud and unauthorized purchases.

Prevention Platform

Employee ATO Prevention

Protect your organization from breaches and BEC due to password reuse.

Our award-winning solutions thwart online fraud with proactive account protection and automated remediation of compromised passwords. The result is truly comprehensive protection from cyber threats resulting from stolen credentials.

Active Directory Guardian 

Automatically detect and reset exposed Windows accounts.

Third-Party Insite 

We focus on speed at every step so enterprises can outpace cybercriminals, as well as automated remediation so there is no heavy lifting to keep users safe from ATO fraud.

Monitor third-party exposures and share data to aid in remediation.

Furad Invensigation 

Unmask criminal identities and attribute crimes to specific individuals.

SpyCloud API

Integrate our data with your SIEM, custom app, or security offering.

Current. Relevant. Truly Actionable.


We maintain the world’s most comprehensive repository of previously stolen credentials and PII. It’s the same data that fraudsters use, but it’s clean, machine-friendly, and includes the most plaintext passwords in the industry.


The SpyCloud database includes the full context of each record with the breach source so customers understand the severity of their exposures, the breach description, and the actual breached password. Ninety percent of our passwords are in plaintext, making it the most actionable data available.

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