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V-OS Mobile App Shield 

Cloud Based App Shielding Platform

V-os app shield protects your mobile application with a simple, yet powerful, no-code protection solution that wraps a security management layer over your app without requiring any changes to its code or functionality. 


Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3 

3 Steps to Deploy 

Upload Your App 

Easy-to-use cloud-based service 

Choose Your Protection Settings 

Customize your code and app Protection 

Download your protected APK 

V-key does not keep a copy of your app 

Empowering App Security for Specialized Industries

V-key's V-os app shied is a ground-breaking solution specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of specialized industries, offering a basic yet robust level of security for your mobile applications. With the V-OS app shield, you can shield your apps from reverse engineering, tampering, API exploits, and other attacks that can compromise your business and customer data. 


Connect, Deploy and Protect  your App in Minutes 

According to Google, the average smartphone user uses almost 10 apps per day or about 88% of 24 hours on mobile. Ensuring the security of these mobile applications is therefore of paramount importance for both developers and users. V-OS Mobile App Shield is a simple, yet powerful, no-code protection solution that wraps a security management layer to a mobile app without requiring any changes to the underlying core functionality. It can be deployed in three easy steps and does not require any modification of the app’s source code. Just upload your app. No integration required


V-OS Mobile App Shield is a Cloud-based Service with many layers of robust Security features that block malware, ensure that encrypted data is bound to only your device, and encrypt sensitive data, such as security tokens and API keys. An optional service can also provide consolidated threat data from all devices and access them via a convenient dashboard. V-OS App Shield has been certified by 3rd-party evaluation labs using globally recognized security standards such as FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria. Our Cloud Service has also attained SOC 2 compliance. The V-OS Mobile App Shield is part of the V-OS Mobile App Protection Solution family.

Differentiation and Enhanced Security 

While App Shield provides a light, sufficient, and basic security layer, V-Key offers an industry-leading V-OS Mobile App Protection SDK for customers seeking enhanced security measures. V-OS Mobile App Protection SDK is the pinnacle of mobile app security, trusted by the industry to safeguard critical applications and combat sophisticated threats. V-OS Mobile App Protection SDK offers advanced features and comprehensive safeguards, making it the ultimate choice for organizations with stringent security requirements.


Obfuscation Solutions vs V-OS Mobile App Protection 

Most in-app protection vendors implement one or more of the following: Obfuscation, Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), and Whitebox Cryptography. All these, on their own, can be easily by-passed, or suffer from code lifting. A virtual secure element like V-OS has tamper protection capabilities that cannot be bypassed and are not susceptible to code-lifting attacks.


V-OS App Shield: More Than App Wrapping


What We Do 

V-Key is a software-based digital security company whose technology powers security solutions that deliver the highest level of defense and control for digital identity, user authentication, access, and authorization without compromising the user's 3experience. It is trusted by government, banking, and mega-app clients across the region to connect people, organizations, and devices everywhere by

securing the global digital economy.

Our Mission

To provide a secure Universal Digital Identity to

power trusted digital services globally. V-Key provides trusted, reliable, and secure Digital

ID services that enable people to truly and safely

participate in the modern economy.

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