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Sending confidential information and large files securely in the course of your daily business has been made easier than ever. With greater ease of use and fewer IT requirements, you can start securing critical business communication immediately, right now – you just need an email address and a web browser. Inperson365 is available in multiple plans to cover everyone’s needs, from single professionals, mid-size companies to very large companies."

Prevent Shadow IT

Employees often need to send large attachments, larger than what regular email can cope with. 

GDPR Compliant Email

Our Data Classification creates an easy toolset for lasting protection against compliance penalties.

High User Acceptance 

Exchange confidential messages and files with Inperson365 for Outlook/OWA/Notes. 

For Small Enterprises

The big solution for a small budget. Secure communication for all types of businesses.

Inperson365 Is a Fit For All Types of Industries 

What makes Inperson365 so universal? Our software can be incorporated into any job. If your field of work is not listed here — don't worry, contact us and we will let you know how you can benefit from using Inperson365.

Legal Department  

  • Contracts

  • Agreements

  • Confidential agreements​​


  • Strategic documents

  • Agreements​​


  • Information Materials

  • Media: Graphics, videos, and presentations

  • Proof of receiving offers​

Human Resources  

  • Personal data

  • Application process

  • Payroll​​


  • Negotiations with banks

  • Budget planning

  • Invoice dispatch, proof of release​

Inperson365 Explained in 1 Minute (English)

Inperson365 Logo Black

Email security for Outlook

Strong encryption of emails and files

Every day your business exchanges a wealth of data with customers, suppliers, and partners. A big part of this communication takes place via email and Outlook and is constructed in your Office applications.

However, often the information is highly confidential or captured in files that are simply too big to send via email. So what happens then?

There are many different ways to get around this problem but our advice is to use the tools you already have!

Inperson365  for Outlook enables you to

  • secure and share confidential emails and files without size restrictions

  • completely ad hoc via your regular email directly from your familiar Outlook interface.

By solving these known problems in email Cryptshare provides the fastest and most simple solution.

Learn More About The Inpeson365 Portal 

Download Information Sheet 

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