InPerson365 is a collaborative and customizable platform offered in a SaaS model format and fully managed by us. It was developed to help professional associations, chambers of commerce and community sites increase the value of their memberships by creating a platform for members to collaborate, promote their business and network with other members without requiring a huge investment in technical resources and infrastructure.

Your members would be able to dynamically promote their business and services, publish events, publish ADs and promotions, accept and sell confirmed appointments, interact with customers, and best of all give their clients the opportunity to rate their services.



Who are our Customers: Chambers of commerce, professional association, and communities with members that have common interests. Customers who struggle to provide their members with new tools to network with each other and promote their businesses in a dynamic way, while maintaining a unique identity and generate revenue.

Many of these members have no way to dynamically and effectively promote their business and services to each other, or to the website’s visitors who visit the sites every day. They are forced to use massive online social networks where their message and identity gets lost among millions of other profiles with irrelevant interests.

Customers who struggle to add a new source of revenue by implementing innovative options for their members to increase their businesses.

What we provide you with: We will provide you with your own customized collaborative platform hosted in our servers, managed by us and maintained by us. You just worry about running the platform and managing the members.

Since the platform is hosted on our servers, we eliminate the need for you to allocate technical resources or make investments in new equipment. The licensing model is SaaS with shared income options available. All you pay is an initial installation and customization fee plus a per-seat monthly fee.

There is no long-term commitment if the platform is not working for you.  Just cancel the service.

Depending on the customization work you ask for, you could be up and running in less than 15 days.

Benefits to You: The benefits we offer you are many and very unique.

  • Your own collaborative platform customized to match the look and feel of your current site, so members feel that they never left your site.

  • A secure platform. We do not share platforms, data or designs with other customers. Your platform is securely running on its own virtual server and will not share any resources or tools with any other hosted platform.

  • New revenue streams from the online store, from member’s bookings, advertising ADs, and additional membership upgrades.

  • Freedom to design members packages and prices (within the portal’s limitations)

  • No long-term commitments. If you think the platform is not working for you, just simply cancel the service and take your data with you.

  • Zero investment in additional technical resources. We manage the platform for you, back up the platform daily, and manage all the software updates for you.

  • Need to have a special plugin or module running in the platform? We are willing to consider deploying it for you if it is compatible with the platform.


Take a look below for the rest of the features we offer you and your members.



Benefits to Your Members: To the members, it is a totally new and fresh way to promote their business among the rest of the members and those visiting your site.

- Total control over their profiles, ADs, Articles and Job Posting. Including look and feel.

  • They will also be able to:

    • -  Choose from 4 different profile designs.

    • -  Get one full profile page listing, including a full and unlimited description of their business, videos, pictures, hours of operation, directions to their business, ratings, comments sections, questions and answer section, and many more features.

    • -  Get a dedicated Job board. Each member has it’s own job board where they can post jobs. In addition, jobs will be posted in the community job board as well.

    • -  Create full page AD’s. Members are able to create Ads and post them in the portal for other members and visitors to see.

    •    Create and post articles. Members are able to write and create articles and post them in the portal

    • -  Book and sell services online. Members are able to take bookings/reservations online and charge for their services using the platform store.

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