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We Discover, Optimize and Manage all your IT Assets for You

360ITAM gives you a real-time view of your infrastructure, allowing you to build an auto-updating CMDB for all your hardware, software and SaaS fast and easy

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Modern ITAM for Asset Discovery and Governance

With this: IT Asset Management functionality provides a vital backbone for efficient service delivery by offering complete visibility into an organization's on-premises and cloud infrastructure. This functionality enables businesses to track, manage, and optimize their IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

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A right-sized discovery solution 

With this: Our multi-source CMDB incorporates out-of-the-box discovery solutions and real-time connectors to seamlessly integrate with leading discovery solutions, identity providers, and endpoint management tools. This allows for a comprehensive view of your hardware, software, and SaaS assets. 

By leveraging our discovery solutions, you can automatically identify and catalog all hardware components, including servers, network devices, storage systems, and more. Additionally, our connectors enable the integration of identity providers, allowing for a centralized view of user access and permissions across your infrastructure.

Unified asset lifecycle management

This unified platform provides a comprehensive view of all assets, allowing for better tracking, monitoring, and governance. 

By leveraging this platform, organizations can enhance IT governance by ensuring compliance with IT policies, standards, and regulations. The platform provides a centralized repository for all asset-related information, making it easier to enforce policies and maintain control over IT assets. 

We provide integrations with JAMF, SCCM, Intune, Airwatch, and others.

An intuitively plugged CMDB 

The backbone of infrastructure information is crucial for efficient service management, request fulfillment, and operations management processes. By having accurate and up-to-date asset relationship information readily available, organizations can streamline their operations and mitigate risks effectively. Here are some key steps to build this backbone: 

Overall, building a backbone of infrastructure information through an accurate and well-maintained CMDB enables organizations to enhance the efficiency and risk management of their service management, request fulfillment, and operations management processes.

Innovative automation and analytics 

With asset analytics, you can gain insights into the performance and utilization of your assets, allowing you to optimize their usage and avoid unnecessary expenses. By tracking an asset's lifecycle, you can identify opportunities for improvement, such as upgrading or retiring outdated assets. 

Additionally, asset analytics helps you manage contracts and vendor relationships more effectively. By monitoring contract expiration dates and terms, you can avoid penalties and negotiate better deals. You can also track your SaaS spending and identify areas where you can optimize your software subscriptions. 

Overall, asset analytics empowers your asset managers to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and reduce costs. By automating repeatable processes and staying on top of your assets' lifecycle, you can maximize the value of your investments and improve your organization's overall efficiency.

Our Suite of 360ITAM Solutions

Automated Discovery 

Discover your hardware, software, SaaS, and more across cloud and on-premises environments.


Asset lifecycle management

Skip multiple tools and manage all your assets from acquisition to retirement in a unified solution.


Contract Management 

Maintain a unified record for your contracts and software licenses. Automate contract renewals and stay on top of their expiries.

Multi-source CMDB

Build a multi-source CMDB that is intuitively plugged with service management and operations management ecosystems.


Inventory Management

Maintain an inventory of all IT and non-IT assets in the organization using advanced discovery solutions.


Software Asset Management

Discover the software used in your enterprise, stay on top of licenses and automate processes to manage them.

Relationship mapping

Build a multi-source CMDB that is intuitively plugged with service management and operations management ecosystems.


Purchase Order Management

A one-stop solution to track purchases, manage vendors and approvals, and streamline request fulfillment. 


SaaS Management

Discover, manage and optimize your SaaS applications and automate actions on them using Orchestration center.

We work hand in hand with the tools you love
Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.
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