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Because right-sizing your IT service management is crucial to ensure that your IT department is operating efficiently and effectively without unnecessary costs.
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Introducing our modern, intelligent ITSM solution that revolutionizes the way businesses manage their IT services.

Introducing 360ITSM, the leading intelligent service management solution designed to provide a delightful employee experience while delivering value instantaneously. With 360ITSM, you can revolutionize your organization's service delivery and enhance employee satisfaction through its modern and easy-to-use platform.


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360ITSM offers the capability to deploy customer-grade employee experiences within your organization. By integrating with collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack, you can provide modern and seamless support to your employees. This integration allows for efficient communication and collaboration between employees and the support team.

Integrated service channels refer to the use of multiple communication channels to provide a seamless and consistent experience for customers.


Incident Management

Introducing AI-Powered Routing: Revolutionizing IT Service Delivery 

In today's fast-paced world, businesses rely heavily on efficient IT service delivery to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Traditional routing systems often fall short, leading to delays and frustrations for both IT technicians and end users. To address this issue, we have developed an advanced AI-powered routing solution that goes beyond basic routing to ensure speedy service delivery while prioritizing user experience.



360ITSM Orchestration Center empowers organizations to automate workflows beyond the realm of IT, enabling efficient and streamlined processes across multiple systems. With this powerful tool, manual work is significantly reduced, and service delivery is accelerated.

Service Request Management


Problem Management

Documenting root causes and deploying solutions is an essential part of incident management and prevention. By following industry best practices, organizations can ensure that issues are thoroughly analyzed and addressed, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.


360ITSM Integrated Change Management involves incorporating contextual information from Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and service desk to understand the full impact of changes and streamline the release process. By pulling in information from these sources, your organizations can effectively plan and leverage change automations to expedite change processes while mitigating risks.

Change and Release Management
Workload Management

With 360ITSM integrated project management software, you can easily monitor and track the workload of your project members. Our platform provides a complete overview of all the work assigned to each team member, allowing you to see exactly what tasks they are working on and their progress. 

One of the key features of 360ITSM is the ability to track the availability of your team members. By having visibility into their schedules and availability, you can better plan and allocate incoming projects. This ensures that work is distributed evenly and that no one is overloaded with tasks while others have excess capacity.


All Features    >   360ITSM

The 360ITSM Advantage

Robust Automation

Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes that lead to productivity hurdles for your IT team and drive service efficiency using no-code workflows and powerful automation.


Intelligent Service Management

Leverage the power of our enterprise-grade AI engine—Freddy by making smarter service desk decisions, increasing agent productivity, and elevating employee experiences.


Extensible Platform

Create out-of-the-box- connection,ss SDKs, and API configurations to scale without dependency on our integrated Marketplace and Neo Platform.

Leverage the full power of the Freshworks platform

Context Driven Analytics


Mobile App 


Custom App Platform


Secure Cloud 


Scalable Cloud 


Extensible App Marketplace 

Right-sizing IT service management (ITSM) involves optimizing and aligning IT service delivery to meet the needs of the organization efficiently.

What are Managed assets 

Any asset discovered by the Probe or the Agent is considered a managed asset. The same goes for assets that are added using other methods and are later updated using the Discovery Agent.

What is an orchestration transaction?

Any action taken via the App node in the Workflow Automator is classified as a transaction

Is my data safe? 

We take security seriously. Our servers are hosted in a world-class data center that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. Our data center is EU-US privacy shield compliant and all 360ITSMplans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

What is Freddy?

Freddy is a premium AI offering from 360ITSM. It includes pre-trained NLP to understand frequently used IT terms and AI servicebots that deliver on-demand Self Service support in channels requesters frequently use. Freddy's predictive intelligence capabilities include canned response suggestions, solution article suggestions and ticket field predictions.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. 360ITSM offers discounts to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and large teams. Contact us for personalized pricing.

Who is an agent? Can I add an agent on short term basis?

In 360ITSM, an agent can either be full-time or occasional, depending on your requirement. A full-time agent is someone who is part of your core service desk team. An occasional agent is someone who requires access to the service desk only on need-to basis. By default, 360ITSM offers 3 free Day Passes at the time of sign up. For adding more occasional agents, you can purchase Day Passes starting from $1. Anybody can be added as an occasional agent, and the admin can define their role and scope of access to the service desk portal.

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Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

360ITSM is a pay-as-you-go service and you can choose to upgrade your subscription instantly. If you wish to downgrade or cancel your subscription, you can do so at the end of your term. Click on ‘Plans & Billing’ in your 360ITSM account to change your subscription details.

Have any other quetions?

If you have questions about 360ITSM or the sign up process, please email us 

What is Orchestration?

Orchestration helps automate manual, error-prone, routine tasks that are spread across disparate tools by seamlessly integrating with homegrown apps as well as other popular apps for a unified, comprehensive automation engine across the org.

360ITSM Orchestration Center provides out-of-the-box integrations with 3rd party applications that can be easily combined with freshservice workflows to streamline and automate frequent, repeatable processes.

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