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One Authenticator For All

The only MFA Solution You Need For All Your Apps, VPNs and Enterprise Systems 

V-Key Smart Authenticator (or Soft Token) secures digital identity on mobile and beyond with patented V-OS Virtual Secure Element. Trusted by banks and super-apps, it supports multiple platforms and can be customized for business branding.

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Enterprise MFA Solutions Are Not Created Equal

Strong authentication is essential in the digital age. Not all MFA solutions are equal, so deploying any solution is a myth.

Passwords alone aren't sufficient for secure access. MFA add protection through multiple factors, but some combinations may not be secure if they rely on easily compromised factors like passwords.

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Unparalleled Security

V-Key MFA offers highly secure authentication without relying on passwords, which reduces the risk of password-related vulnerabilities. The passwordless access system eliminates the possibility of password-related issues and significantly strengthens system security against unauthorized access.

Authenticator To
Rule Them All

Connect to your enterprise and cloud services

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Provide Enterprise-Grade Multi-Factor Authentication in 3 EASY STEPS

Businesses, like relationships, are built on trust. Are your employees working remotely? Do you have a large number of users who need to access your app or system? With organizations moving towards Multi-Factor Authentication, a simple password is just not enough. NIST deprecated SMS OTP many years ago as they are vulnerable to interception and phishing attacks. Hardware tokens are expensive to deploy, can get lost or stolen, are not user-friendly, and require regular replacement. Turn your phone into a hardware token with the V-Key Smart Authenticator with industry-strength Multi-Factor Authentication that is tailored to scale for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Unique Security Features

  • V-OS provides an isolated environment to protect keys. It is a layer between the device operating system and V-Key. Protection from brute force attacks.

  • V-OS Threat Intelligence (v4.8+) identifies security insights data visualization and provides a prediction model of which devices are under attack

  • With V-OS Virtual Secure Element, it is resistant to attacks, including Trust Gap

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Use Cases 

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Enhance RADIUS or Active

Directory or Entra ID

Cloud-Based Services 


Passwordless Login

Secure Windows PCs

Secure VPN access

Secure VDI access

Secure Remote 




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Obtain High-quality VPN Security with V-Key

Looking to protect SharePoint portals? remote access via Citrix XenDesktop? Firewall access? V-Key works in all of these scenarios. V-Key MFA is a simple and easy-to-deploy multi-factor authentication solution that uses your phone as a token. V-Key authentication service hosted in the cloud with a pay-as-you-go price model.

Secure cloud accounts from credential theft and fraud with V-Key

Ensure the safeguarding of your accounts and applications by implementing a robust multi-factor authentication system, effectively permitting authorized individuals while preventing unauthorized access. Safeguard all valuable assets, encompassing customer-oriented and enterprise applications that house highly confidential information.

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