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Market Development


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IT Managed


Market Development


Under our market development service, we offer multiple services to help companies in the cyber security.

  • Introduction of new products and services into new markets.

  • Increasing brand recognition 

  • Facilitating the distribution of products and services 

  • Providing customer support in local language ( Check on available languages)

  • Securing investment for growth or new ideas.

Market Development


Throughout the years our founders and executive team have developed business relationships across continents.

Thanks to these business relationships we are able to help companies secure investment, acquire companies and technologies. 

For more information on these services please contact us.

IT Managed


Two years ago we decided to launch SecureLATAM to service the Cybersecurity Community in Latin America. Reaching out to IT& Cybersecurity Professionals and Consultants to small and meadium companies in the region  

Under this MSP Model we offer the following services:

If you are interested in attending the INFO SECURITY EVENT


Head over to our page to see all available dates and times. A reminder that all dates and times have been updated!

About us

Enpersona360 is an Innovative and Young business development company based in San Jose, California.​

Our approach is a bit different than other consulting firms. We don’t just provide you with a solution; we help you see them through.​


Enpersona360 initiated business in 2014 as a Marketing Consulting Company. Throughout the years we learn what customers needed to be successful, so in 2017 we made the decision to focus on helping companies grow and make investments in emerging markets. ​


Our executive team and our founders have years of accomplishments in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Business Development and failures as well, so they know what it takes to be successful.​

​For additional information on us, please send us a note.


Cybersecurity division SecureLATAM 

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HQ Office:

1875 S. Bascom Ave.

Suite 4200

Campbell, CA 95008

Branch Offices: 

Madrid, Spain 

Quito Ecuador 

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